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Tom Selleck has an agent and bodyguard; your ride can too!

Do you have a show-winning trailer queen or a rusting daily driver? We can use it! The film car industry calls for all types of vehicles for all kinds of jobs. Register your vehicle with us and your ride will immediately be in contention for the multitude of projects we supply vehicles for.

It costs nothing to be listed with our company, and your information is protected and will never be shared. Ever.

When a client is interested in your vehicle, we contact you with the details: how the car will be used, the location, how much the job pays, etc. If the client selects your ride, we will send you a contract to secure it. As a fully licensed and insured company, we provide proof of insurance to you prior to the shoot. On set, you are welcome to stay with your vehicle. A CFC representative will attend every shoot to ensure that your ride is treated in the manner and with the respect it deserves. When the shoot is complete, you get a check in hand. It's that easy!

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